Meet the Team

Graeme Cooper

Graeme has been a keen shooter for as long as he can remember.  He has represented the Royal Navy and Great Britain in various disciplines at Bisley and other venues around the world.
Pre 1996 he participated in many different disciplines, but his preference was ‘Combat Pistol’, a form of practical shooting resembling the IPSC and IDPA disciplines we know today, but with a more tactical focus.  He started in Airsoft in 1997, first of all at Combat South and later Fireball Squadron.  He is committed to working to develop the sport and ensure fair play at all times.  CQB and FIBUA are his specialities, as well as 3 Gun competitions.  Graeme is the Range Master for AAA>

Rob Davies

Rob is ex-RAF Regiment and has been a keen Airsoft Skirmisher for more than 20 years.  He first started shooting with Graeme Cooper in many sites in the South, and has never lost his love of skirmishing, though of late he prefers the role of ‘Sniper’ to conserve his energy!

Rob is the lead Skirmish Marshall for AAA.


Rob is also our go to person for upgrades and repairs, and he has yet to find an airsoft gun he couldn’t repair or make more efficient.

Andy Walker

Andy has always had a keen interest in shooting, and has participated in many forms of the sport before finding Airsoft and in particular CQB style.  Andy has developed his skills and is now qualified as a Range Conducting Officer and Marshall at The Armoury.

Andy’s favourite weapon is his TM GBB M4, but he has also been known to use a Sterling Sub Machine Gun to good effect.